How economic plans provide growth and self-sufficiency for Native Sovereign Nations

Growing As A Nation - Little River

Developing an economic plan is an integral part of growing into an independent Nation. It’s important for tribal communities to be self-sufficient and able to support themselves for the betterment of their people. Lately, the trend amongst Native Sovereign Nations is to develop a roadmap to success by creating businesses that support the efforts, people, and ideals of the Tribal Nations.

At the Chickasaw Nation, they have built a solid foundation of different businesses such as manufacturing, entertainment, consulting, and banking. These businesses provide funding for the Chickasaw people. Therefore, these funds help improve education, housing, health care, and the overall quality of life for their community.

Just like the Chickasaw, we have developed an economic plan that generates funding which will provide benefits for our community, while upholding our cultural traditions. We have invested in and created Little River Holdings LLC to establish a legal structure under our tribal government and its laws, which houses businesses that create profits and facilitate growth for our Nation. 

Little River Holdings has invested in health technology companies such as InTerra Nutraceuticals and APS. We have also invested in contracting, development, and real estate management.


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