Sustainability Through Economic Sovereignty

Our mission is to provide a legal structure built under sovereign tribal laws to house the economic development entities, other than the Little River Casino Resort, whose purpose is to create monetary profits and tribal community benefits.

Our Vision

Little River Holdings, LLC will seek to become the parent economic development entity of the Nation, acting as the direct link between related entities and the will of the Tribal Council and Ogema, wherein profit and/or tribal community oriented businesses will be housed that are integral to the operations, financial health, economic self-sufficiency, and continued existence of the Nation.


Our Values

Our values are the Seven Grandfather teachings: love, wisdom, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth.


Little River Holdings has five actively managed investment portfolios:

Little River Health Technologies LLC
Little River Government Contracting LLC
Little River Development LLC
Little River Real Estate Management LLC
Little River Capital Management LLC
Native Source Procurement Services LLC

In January 2018, the Little River Band formalized the creation of its non-gaming holding company, Little River Holdings LLC, which includes capital management, development, real estate management, and government contracting entities.

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