Housing developments in Manistee

Affordable housing is an ongoing issue in northern Michigan.

Often times, there are misconceptions about what exactly “affordable housing” means.

9&10’s Megan Viecelli and photojournalist Catie Emery dug into the housing crisis to find out how communities are working to address it.

“The housing crisis is really for all income levels,” said Charlevoix Mayor Luther Kurtz.

People often struggle to find housing in northern Michigan. Whether you are a teacher, a police officer or a radiology technician, there are barriers that make affordable housing less attainable.

“People in the industry that are working on it, they have changed the name of what we call it so many times because there is this negative connotation that gets built up about different things that you call it, but what we are talking about here is just housing generally,” said Kurtz.

Charlevoix Mayor Luther Kurtz says it really does matter for many reasons.

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