Little River Health Technologies LLC is comprised of Advanced Protein Solutions. Our company proudly utilizes patented indigenous formulations and trade secrets to promote healthy lifestyles and healing.

Little River Holdings has entered a partnership with ARKK foods and finalized a partnership with Wahlburgers, a national burger chain started by celebrity brothers Paul, Mark, and Donnie Wahlberg. NativeWahl is the name of the company created under the Little River Health Technologies umbrella. NativeWahl a subsidiary of Little River Holdings, LLC which gives the holding company the opportunity to sub-franchise Wahlburgers Restaurants on any Native American Trust land in the United States and Canada. What a huge accomplishment and great honor to become part of such an idolize national burger chain. In addition the Wahlburgers Flex Blend patty which uses Michigan grown tart cherries to create a Beef and Plant-Based Ingredients patty a product of Little River Holdings, LLC that has 40% less fat and 29% fewer calories than Wahlburgers signature Blend Patty without any sacrifice in taste.