Looking for Manistee’s positives by Glenn Zaring of the Manistee News Advocate

Let’s face it, 2020 so far has been a bust. But, what is coming down the pike that gives us some hope as we plod through pandemics, riots and election?

In a local view, last week we were treated with a vision for the River Street entrance that was amazing! A new classy hotel, new welcome center and incubator facilities were announced which included getting rid of almost two blocks of tired buildings and businesses. How long have we been talking about doing that with the admonition that, “Somebody needs to do something!”

Well, “they” are and we can thank the government of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians through their development company, Little River Holdings, LLC. A big shout out to the tribe for having the vision and courage to improve our lovely little town!

Further down the street, West Shore Community College is making awesome progress on their new facility at Maple and River. If you haven’t gone down there recently, please do so. They are turning an eyesore building into a first class facility that will serve the college and community for a long time into the future. Even further down River Street, it looks like we have a taker on fixing up the old 440 West restaurant. Kudos to the entrepreneur who is addressing our needs for a nice new restaurant. If you’ve been around for awhile, you remember how wonderful the old 440 West restaurant was. It used to be a dining destination and if all goes right, it will be again. Thank goodness!

Cypress Street (U.S. 31 South of the river) has been a pain recently with construction as the manholes are replaced and upgraded. However, in case you haven’t noticed, the project has been planned well and is being carried out quickly and safely. The construction folks have done a wonderful job and everyone involved should be thanked profusely. Also this year, the pavement on 8th Street hill, east of Cypress, was totally fixed. Major undertaking but the city did it and did it well.

Plans have also been announced to replace the bridge on M-55 over the Manistee River, beginning in December of this year. Wow … another major project for us!

Speaking of roads, have you driven the newly repaved M-22? If not, you should because it is awesome. Be sure to check out what they did up heading into Frankfort as an example of a great way to fix things.

Now, I’m wondering if anyone will address the Memorial Drive issue in Manistee. That is an embarrassment!

Sure, this is mainly road improvement, but look around folks! We are finally having needed work done and steps are being taken to expand our offerings and opportunities.

Manistee is set for some great things over the next few years … things which will further enhance our community.

Long story short, be confident that we will get through all the bad stuff and come out with a great community and area. Yes, some pain as we get there but it is happening.

Thanks to everybody involved!

Glenn Zaring’s columns will appear on Fridays in the News Advocate. He may be reached at [email protected]

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